Fixed Fibre Optic Connection

Dark fibre provides freedom cost-effectively

A fixed fibre-optic connection is either a pair of fibre-optic cable strands or an individual fibre. The connection is delivered as a connection between two equipment facilities that terminates at an optic fibre panel owned by DNA.

DNA leases available capacity from its backbone networks that have been implemented using fibre-optic cables based on availability enquiries with a lease or IRU options. DNA has more than 37,000 km fibre-optic cable network and 1,500 PoPs in Finland, and the network extends from the border of Russia to the Nordics via seaway and terrestrially. In addition, DNA has fibre-optic connections to our partner networks in the Nordic countries and connections to the most important European hubs.

Fixed Fibre Optic Connection in a nutshell

  • Approx. 37,000 km fibre-optic cable network and 1,500 PoPs in Finland
  • Multiple routing options available
  • Flexible billing agreement options


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Customer benefits

DNA’s expert staff is experienced in successfully managing demanding large-scale projects

Multiple routing options are possible

High coverage nationwide in Finland

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Wavelength Capacity Service

Wavelength Capacity Service is a point-to-point connection implemented with the WDM transmission system operating in DNA’s fibre network. Network access is available in all the major Finnish cities.

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