Numbering services

DNA Numbering contains a variety of number services which are suitable for different sized corporation’s and organisation’s needs. 

DNA offers high-quality numbering services for corporations and organisations, containing a variety of services which provide companies local presence for end customers and connections to telephone network in Finland and internationally.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

DNA Virtual Mobile Numbers are Finnish mobile numbers from DNA’s number allocation that are not related to a physical SIM card. The service is also known by other names, such as Mobile DID. DNA Virtual Mobile Numbers are Finnish mobile prefix numbers that can be used for voice and SMS communication.

Direct Inward Dialing

DIDs, or local area numbers, help maintain the company image, for they communicate being a trustworthy business to their end customers. DNA provides local area numbers nationwide in Finland. Local area numbers are routed to the customer over the selected connection, which means that companies can provide local service from any location (cloud numbering).

Free Phone Service

Free phone services, or toll-free numbers, maintain the company image, for it communicates being a trustworthy and reliable company to its end customers. DNA provides toll-free numbers covering Finland. Free phone services are routed through the internet and completed digitally (cloud numbering).

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