Wavelength Capacity Service

High-quality connections with Wavelength Capacity Service

Wavelength Capacity Service is a point-to-point connection implemented with the WDM transmission system operating in DNA’s fibre network. Network access is available in all the major Finnish cities.

DNA offers a WDM wavelength transmission connection in its backbone and local network as well as in the networks of carefully selected partners in the Nordic countries, Europe and Russia. Pre-built networks at major data centres and network nodes in the Helsinki metropolitan area and DNA’s PoPs in the Nordics provide faster lead times.

Wavelength Capacity Service in a nutshell

  • Connection speed is available from 1G up to 400G. (other speeds available on a case-by-case basis)
  • Wavelength capacity service with MetroWDM: DNA provides wavelength capacity service in main data centres and network hubs


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Customer benefits

DNA’s own redundant subsea cables ensure secure connections

The service provides diverse connections in the Helsinki metropolitan area

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