Direct Inward Dialing

Ease your company’s expansion and maintain local image

DIDs, or local area numbers, help maintain trustworthy company image to the end customers without the need for physical expansion.

The numbers are routed to the customer over the selected connection, which means that companies can provide local service from any location (cloud numbering). As a result, companies can expand internationally easily and cost-effectively. DIDs can be implemented as business phone numbers, and you can port-in phone numbers from other Finnish operators to be hosted by DNA.

Direct Inward Dialing in a nutshell

  • Service entails one or more local area numbers in Finland with a global connection
  • End customer will receive local service and expenses
  • DNA provides DID numbers nationwide in Finland and it is possible to port-in numbers from other Finnish operators to be hosted by DNA
  • DIDs are possible to be implemented as business phone numbers
  • It is possible to get multiple DID numbers for different departments, e.g., customer service and sales
  • DNA provides local area numbers nationwide in Finland


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Customer benefits

Companies will be able to expand their business efficiently and cost-effectively. DID does not require relocating, additional hardware or purchasing bulk phone lines

Having a local number creates a trustworthy company image

End customers will pay the price of a local phone call and increase call volumes – compared to an occasion where they would need to make an international call

Comprehensive mobile network ensures smooth connections

DNA’s 4G network covers over 99.6% of the Finnish population, and our 5G network is expanding rapidly – it already covers 96% of the Finnish population in over 250 localities. DNA constantly monitors the usage and capacity of our mobile network. Based on statistics, we renew the network based on need. This means that we replace the old base stations with new ones at locations where the need for increased speed and capacity is most significant.

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