Services for national operators

Versatile services for national operators guarantee high-quality connections in Finland

Operator services are services produced with DNA’s networks, targeted for national providers. With our high-quality backbone network and expert personnel, DNA can manage simple connection solutions all the way to demanding tailored large-scale projects.

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Our solutions

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet is a high-quality fixed connection, which connects local networks in separate locations and other network solutions to one whole, creating Ethernet virtual connections between the target and offering interface. With Metro Ethernet, it is possible to implement local, nationwide, and international network solutions and point-to-point connections with quality.

Operator Broadband

Broadband services include DSL connections for consumers/end customers or SMEs, or Ethernet connections for interconnecting access points with heavier traffic within organisations. Broadband traffic is routed to an operator-specific interconnection.

Equipment Facilities and Masts

DNA offers high-quality equipment facilities, which includes, e.g., racks or rack units, and space for antennas in towers or rooftop sites, with a variety of electricity options. DNA’s equipment facilities provide connections to Finland nationwide, the Nordics and Europe. Masts and estate spots as well placements in small-scale equipment facilitie are offered by DNA Tower.

Subscriber Lines 

Subscriber lines are physical connections of a fibre or a copper network between customer and telecommunications network.

NNI Services

Ethernet NNI is a so called mixed NNI, where it is possible to move traffic simultaneously from all subscription types using Ethernet. The NNI consists of one or more NNI gates, which can be located one or more DNA’s equipment facilities. The NNI traffic is delivered to the service operator in L2 level according to the IEEE 802.3 – 2008 standard. Trafficking can be managed from DNA’s Metro Ethernet, Operator broadband, and Realtime Ethernet subscriptions. The NNI supports QinQ structure.

Cable Placement Rights 

DNA leases free cable conduits, cable pipelines and other premises intended for cable placement to operators for the purpose of telecommunication cable placement. Cable conduits, cable pipelines and the premises for cable placement are possible to rent from multiple locations in Finland, including selected cities.

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