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DNA – Fast, Bold and Straightforward

DNA is among Finland’s leading telecommunication corporations, employing approx. 1600 people, and like our core values define, we are fast, bold and straightforward.

Together with our subsidiary DNA Tower Finland we offer our wholesale customers quality products and services. With the expertise and experience of our personnel, we have been successful in managing demanding large-scale projects for our customers. Our wholesale customers are other operators and OTTs in Finland and abroad.

37 000
km fibre network

96 %
5G population coverage (4/2024)

4G population coverage (4/2023)

1 600
skilled employees

Why DNA Wholesale?

Decades of experience in the wholesale and operator industry guarantee high-quality solutions and agile processes. Our flexible operating model allows solutions to be tailored to suit our customers' needs.

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DNA is part of Telenor

In 2019 Telenor, a Norwegian multinational telecommunications company, took ownership over DNA, expanding our offering in the Nordics as we became a part of the Telenor family. Telenor has a leading Nordic position in mobile, broadband, and TV services and has expanded mobile operations from the Nordics to Asia.

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Quality networks and expertise

DNA is an interesting, flexible, and reliable partner.  DNA has a stable status in Finland, for instance, with our own fibre and mobile network, quality network solutions, expert personnel and customer experience centred attitude. Our networks cover Finland nationwide, with our backbone network (37,00 km fibre network) and 4G-mobile network, and our 5G-mobile network coverage is constantly growing.

Coverage map

Our solutions

Network services

Network services provide a selection of Layer 2 and Layer 3 level products to secure and scale the connectivity needs for various purposes.


Capacity & Infra services

DNA Wholesale Capacity and Infra services contain a variety of products for different business needs – such as high bandwidth requirements and connectivity between data centres.


Cybersecurity services

Cybersecurity services offer scalable, high-quality options for secure internet connections and protection against cyber threats.

Mobile services

Mobile services contain virtually produced and connectivity services, which are suitable for corporations and organisations of different sizes and needs.

Messaging solutions

DNA Messaging solutions are individually tailored for each customer and work in DNA’s reliable network.

Numbering services

DNA's Numbering offering contains a variety of number services which are suitable for different sized corporation’s and organisation’s needs. 

Services for national operators

Operator services are services produced with DNA’s networks, targeted for national providers. 

DNA Tower

DNA Tower offers masts and estate spots as well placements in small-scale equipment facilities.

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