Capacity and Infra services

Capacity and Infra services contain a variety of products for different business needs – such as high bandwidth requirements and connectivity between data centres.

DNA offers high-quality capacity services on our backbone and local network in Finland, as well as in the networks of carefully selected partners in the Nordics and chosen major cities in Europe. DNA’s own comprehensive backbone network enables secured route connections. DNA has over 35,000 km of fibre and fully owned redundant subsea cables, DNA Seaway. Subsea connections provide a fast and open road from Finland to the rest of the Nordic region. Similarly, DNA's extensive high-speed fibre network in Finland provides further connections from Sweden to anywhere in Finland and beyond.

Wavelength Capacity Service (WDM)

Wavelength Capacity Service is a point-to-point connection implemented with the WDM transmission system operating in DNA’s fibre network. Network access is available in all the major Finnish cities.

Fixed Fibre Optic Connection

A fixed fibre-optic connection is either a pair of fibre-optic cable strands or an individual fibre. The connection is delivered as a connection between two equipment facilities that terminates at an optic fibre panel owned by DNA.

Cable Placement Rights

DNA leases free cable conduits, cable pipelines and other premises intended for cable placement to operators for the purpose of telecommunication cable placement. The cable placement right includes one cable (cover).

Equipment Facilities

DNA offers high-quality equipment facility services for operators and corporations, providing connections to Finland, the Nordics and Europe. 

IP Transit

Wholesale IP Transit is a high capacity and reliable Internet access service for operators and service providers. The service operates in DNA's backbone network which offers fast and resilient connections all over the world.

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