Additional services are available now for Wholesale Broadband, so customers can enjoy so-called extended broadband.

More freedom of choice in connections: Wholesale Broadband has now more additional services

Cost-effective and straightforward Wholesale Broadband is now available with additional features that increase its flexibility and coverage. What do these new features bring along?

DNA Wholesale's wide range of services covers both fibre and capacity services up to broadband services, and almost all services are available in fixed access technology and include wireless access options. DNA will also give up its copper network in Finland along with other operators by 2025. In the future, connections will mainly be made based on fibre connections and wireless mobile networks, and thus, the importance of wireless connections will grow alongside fixed technologies. 

Now, additional services are available for Wholesale Broadband, meaning customers can enjoy more extended broadband. In practice, this means that customers can purchase other broadband features that were not previously available. 

These additional features include, among other things, wireless backup connection, service levels and several options for terminal device models. Wholesale Broadband's additional features enable customers to find solutions that fit even better for their needs. On the other hand, Internet Access, equipped with a broader selection of different additional services, serves even the most demanding requirements. 

More flexibility and versatility than before 

"Our purpose is to offer our customers more options. Wholesale Broadband is a cost-effective and simplified broadband that works especially for smaller offices and as remote work connections for employees. It is still available in its current, simplified form – its range of additional features is only getting stronger, which enables better suitability as a connection option for SD-WAN solutions, for example ", assure DNA's development manager Nea Wistbacka and business development manager Jussi Snell

Wistbacka and Snell also say the new additional services have been created based on customers' wishes. With this, there is also an improvement in the fault tolerance. Now, the primary connection with fixed technology can have a wireless connection as a backup connection. SLA levels are also introduced into the productization and will be available depending on the customer's service package. 

"If you have any questions regarding the connectivity matters, you can always contact DNA's Wholesale team. We offer versatile services and flexibility, and our expert team can map out exactly the right services for our customer's needs," advise Wistbacka and Snell. 


Any questions regarding connections? The Wholesale team is at your service for all your questions!