Wholesale Ethernet VPN

With Wholesale Ethernet VPN solution you can offer your own customers true Nordic, future-proof Ethernet (OSI 2)-level connectivity (Ethernet Virtual Circuit, EVC) service between different customer sites in Finland, between different countries in Nordic region. The service is ideal for IP based Layer 2 access needs for transmission, business LAN networks, Cloud services and Data Center access solutions.

Wholesale Ethernet VPN Specifications

Ethernet VPN is delivered on DNA's IP based MPLS backbone. Service access bandwidth is available  from 2 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s and even up to 10 Gbps, with dynamic QoS and creating secure separate service networks via separated VLANs.

  • Cost efficient - standardized equipment, unified managing of the services  and processes
  • Agile - eliminates network bottlenecks and easily adjusted to organizational and geographical changes
  • Secure - traffic separation on Ethernet level effectively protects against security breaches
  • Access Quality - supports real-time applications with different quality of service classes
  • Service Quality – Comes with different Service Levels (SLA) for different customer needs

Other features and advantages

  • Supports Metro Ethernet Forum's network protocols IEEE 802.3, 802.1Q Tunneling, 802.1ad., L2 Protocol Tunneling etc.
  • E-Line: Point-to-Point connection, or Multiple-Point-to-Point connections
  • E-LAN: Multipoint-to-Multipoint
  • IP-routing managed by the customer
  • Choice of access types from xDSL to Fiber
  • One or multiple VLANs between customer locations
  • Implementation according to the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) standards guarantees working interoperability with other operators
  • DNA managed CPE ensures the online visibility, service management and traffic statistics

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