A faster 400G transmission connection supports growing data transfer needs

Robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and artificial intelligence have taken major leaps in recent years. To ensure the development continues to benefit more and more industries, the telecom infrastructure must be able to support the growing needs. Here, data transmission capacity is a key component.

DNA continuously invests in the development of its backbone network. Thanks to sustained development efforts, a new 400G speed category is now available for the WDM wavelength transmission connections to wholesale customers. Wavelength transmission connections are point-to-point connections, for example, between data centres or large offices. They are best suited to businesses and organisations with particularly high data transfer needs. 

The new speed category reduces costs and improves your services 

The capacity increase from 100G to 400G is a significant improvement. For businesses handling large data volumes, choosing the new 400G connection is more cost-effective than, for example, having multiple 100G connections. The speed increase improves network efficiency and capacity, and therefore supports increasingly demanding applications. Hence, it is the optimal solution for large data transfer needs. 

The new speed category improves your service quality, as a 400G connection allows your company to serve more customers simultaneously and to develop entirely new services. Even though it is faster, a 400G connection is also designed to be more energy efficient per transferred data unit compared to older technologies.  

The new faster WDM wavelength connection is available on DNA's own network between addresses in all major cities across Finland. Through Telenor network, connections also function smoothly to the rest of the Nordics. To ensure that your business is ready for the growing data transfer needs, it is best to move to a faster connection in time. 


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