DNA provides pre-priced wavelength connections for the most popular routes

Buying wholesale connectivity usually starts with asking for price quotes from operators. Getting an answer may take several days, depending, for instance, on the chosen route or its length. Now, DNA provides pre-priced wavelength transmission connections for popular routes. No need to wait anymore unless there are special requirements regarding the route. 

DNA launched a new pricing model for wavelength transmission connections in October 2022. The new pre-priced connections are available for the most popular routes. These routes connect locations within the Helsinki metropolitan region, Stockholm, and a few of the biggest cities in Finland. 

“Thanks to the pre-pricing, we can respond fast to inquiries. As a matter of fact, we can give a price quote right away. Besides, we provide good market prices and good availability for these connections,” says DNA’s business manager Tommi Hirvi, who is responsible for fixed data services for business customers, such as wavelength capacity services. 

From case-by-case pricing to pre-priced connections 

Until now, the price of each data transfer connection has been determined on a case-by-case basis. 

“We noticed that we get quite a lot of inquiries that focus on connections between the same locations, such as certain data centers and network hubs,” Tommi Hirvi tells. 

A typical use case is to connect two data centres. For example, in the Helsinki region, there are many large data centres within the Kehä III ring road just 10–15 kilometres from each other. Without exception, the distances between them are less than forty kilometres. 

The new and more straightforward price model saves time for a wholesale buyer. 

“Of course, the speed is worth it as long as the price is competitive and matches the current market level. To ensure this and to keep the prices up to date all the time, we closely monitor that our prices are in line with the market price.” 

Pre-pricing applies to DNA’s wavelength capacity service, which is based on the efficient use of fibre optic capacity with the help of wavelength-division multiplexing or WDM technology. 

DWDM technology (dense wavelength-division multiplexing) is generally used in the transmission system, whereby a high number of channels can be formed on a single optical fibre. For longer distances, optical amplifiers are placed along the route if necessary. Alternatively, more affordable CWDM technology (coarse wavelength-division multiplexing) is sometimes used, allowing a smaller number of different channels to be formed on the same optical fibre. 


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