Virtual Mobile Numbers

DNA Wholesale’s Virtual Mobile Number service offers easily deployable Finnish mobile numbers for the over-the-top (OTT) communication service providers, aggregators, and mobile and virtual network operators. With virtual mobile numbers, a provider will have access to a local image in the hands of a reliable operator with an extensive backbone and mobile networks.

Virtual mobile numbers are suitable for service providers who want to provide contextual, efficient, and engaging communication means for their business and possible consumer customers.

The service includes both voice and SMS traffic services to both directions and the actual traffic to the telephone network. Also, calls to emergency services, international calls, and calls to value-added service (VAS) numbers are enabled in the service. DNA routes the calls from all fixed and mobile networks of the originating country to national mobile numbers of DNA.

In addition, number porting from another communications provider to DNA is easy, e.g., if a service provider already has them with a Finnish mobile prefix.

In addition, DNA provides high-end operator-level data security for the service. Implementation happens using safe and certified software and equipment from established suppliers and DNA’s secure multi-service network.

See the service page and feel free to contact our expert personnel for more information.


DNA is launching a virtual mobile numbers service.