An agile option for office and home office: simplified, light, and cost-efficient wireless broadband

The Finnish mobile network is of excellent quality on a global scale. In fact, Finns use most mobile data per capita in Europe. A fast and reliable mobile network enables top quality wireless services also for businesses.  

The importance of wireless network will further increase in Finland, as all operators are decommissioning their old copper-based networks. DNA has also decided to replace its copper-based services by 2025. The services will be provided mostly through fibre connections and wireless mobile network.

DNA’s wireless wholesale solutions are expanding, as the Wholesale Broadband will also be available wirelessly. The wireless option is already available for a number of other wholesale products, such as Ethernet VPN, IP VPN, Internet Access, and Wireless Access Component. 

How does the wireless Wholesale Broadband work?  

Wholesale Broadband is a simplified, light, and cost-efficient alternative that is a good option for internet connectivity in smaller offices and as a remote access for employees working from home. It is also a good option for the underlay connection needed for the SD-WAN solution. 

Speed options for the wireless Wholesale Broadband extend up to 1 Gbps, and the pricing is based on the chosen data transfer speed. This makes the product easily scalable for changing needs. The available access technologies, speed options and pricing for specific addresses can easily be checked from DNA’s real-time online tool. 

The connection requires a network terminal, and the installation is available as part of the service. During the installation, we will also check the correct antenna direction for good quality connection, making the service implementation fast and easy. In addition, the installation method of Wholesale Broadband is flexible and doesn’t require an antenna to be installed on the outer wall of the building. This makes wireless Wholesale Broadband suitable for different needs, for example properties where outside installations are not possible.  

In case there is a need for a wider range of additional services, or connectivity is required for multiple locations, Internet Access or IP VPN may be better options. Our skilled salespeople are here to help you with finding the best option for your specific needs.  


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