DNA's capacity and infrastructure solutions offer secure connections both in Finland and abroad.

37 000 kilometres of fibre, two subsea cables, automatic redundancy and rock-hard expertise ensure stable connections

Whether an operator, public sector operative, or large business, DNA’s capacity and infra solutions offer reliable connections to Finland and abroad. DNA has various services in its reserve, ensuring functional connections even in surprising situations. What are the means and ways for an operator to maintain fault tolerance and automatic redundancy?

“No other Finnish operator but DNA fully owns and offers two individual backbone network connections from Finland to abroad”, praises the DNA’s access network and equipment facility unit’s manager, Mikko Kannisto.

Kannisto refers to DNA Seaway, DNA’s own subsea cables that double the redundancy, ensuring working connections abroad. Other DNA’s capacity and infra services have been designed to be fault tolerant.

Fault tolerance refers to structural solutions or electrical switching with which it is possible to ensure working connections in a fault situation. In the case of connections, this means that when the connection is disconnected in one route, it has another route planned. So, if the other subsea cable were to be disconnected, the other cable ensures working connections – even though it is doubtful that even one cable would fail.

DNA’s solutions offer flexibility and scalability from equipment facilities to fibre connections

“DNA has Finland’s biggest broadband operator and excellent technical expertise in maintaining network and infrastructure. Our services start from equipment facilities designed for telecom, always with banks of accumulators and alternative power sources, ensuring the operation. It is possible to place servers and base stations to the equipment facilities if it’s needed in your networking”, Kannisto says.

Equipment facilities are connected with optical fibre, and DNA has 37 000 kilometres of fibre in their control. Also, a comprehensive backbone network ensures a wide range of routing options, increasing reliability.

Service Level Agreement, SLA, is available for fibre connections as well. With SLA, a specific level is determined for the connection. It is possible to have connections without it, but not with the same guarantees.

“If the company’s or organisation’s operations don’t require whole optic fibre, it is possible to build various wavelengths from it as well. We offer wavelength capacity service from point-to-point, which is implemented with WDM wavelength transmission connection located in DNA’s backbone network, and connection speed is available from one gigabit all the way to a hundred gigabits”, Kannisto says.
Wavelength capacity service includes automated redundancy that automatically transfers connections to a working route in a fault situation.

“DNA is a large tele industry corporation, so we have our own use for expertise, connections and services. We offer our know-how to our customers also. We provide flexibility to the customer’s needs, and the solutions are easy to scale”, Kannisto emphasises.


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