A forerunner in new ways of working

DNA Plc is one of the leading Finnish telecom service providers. We are providing easily deployable and secure network services to the customers. The key growth area in corporate business is the new way of working, independent of time and place, facilitated by smart devices, communication services and fast and secure network. We are currently delivering telecom services to approximately 65 countries.

DNA 4G LTE network reaches more than 5 million Finns and covers 99% of Finland's population. One of our strengths is state-of-art fixed and mobile network infrastructure. DNA is the largest cable TV operator and the leading pay-tv operator in Finland. DNA Plc is listed in Helsinki Stock Exchange.

5 reasons to choose DNA

1. The best service experience

We serve our customers in several channels, both nationally and locally. The customer experience is constantly being developed and it is the core of our business: we invest in processes and development in collaboration with our customers. Our Service Desk meets the requirements of our national and international customers.

We have Finland's most satisfied corporate customers, which demonstrates the quality of our service.
(EPSI Rating, TDC broadband services, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013)
(EPSI Rating, DNA mobile broadband for companies 2013)

2. Unique expertise in a multi-vendor environment

We view multi-vendor environments as ICT ecosystems in which we can build open interfaces to enable us to operate flexibly as part of the customer's selected network of partners. Services can be used on DNA's network and on all other networks.

We believe that information security, along with network management and monitoring, will become ever more significant for companies from the perspective of their customer experience and the user experience of their employees.

3. DNA – Enabling new ways of working

When working methods change the goals often include increased productivity, sustainable development, increased occupational well-being and a better employer image. New ways of working require business to be digital and services to be integrated into a flexible platform for operations. This enables an innovative, enriching environment for work that is independent of time and place.

DNA enables multi-channel real-time contact and social working methods to be used to their full effect in business. We understand the ways in which consumerisation has changed operating models and we offer our customers support through all the changes in their ways of working.

4. Connections

DNA's reliable network connections, networking services, information security services and customer network management and monitoring form a strong package of services that enables the collaborative digital business of the new ways of working.

We are investing in our fast 4G LTE network that enables flexible video meetings via mobile devices and prioritised data, transfer rates tailored for business use and mobile alternatives to office networks.

5. An operator for a new era

We are working in new ways and this enables us to partner our customers as they transition towards new ways of working themselves. Our way of working consists of modern premises and working freedom. Thanks to smart devices, applications and fast networks, the work we do is the same no matter where we do it.

Our objective is to improve job satisfaction and productivity. We believe that by being an innovative, flexible company that trusts its employees, we are best prepared to face challenges and make the most of opportunities.

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