Internet Connectivity solutions

Internet Connectivity services provide scalable and high-quality access options to the Internet.

The services can be complemented with a list of add-on services and DDoS Protection Service to secure your business-critical applications from DDoS attacks. Internet Access and Broadband services are available in traditional fixed access network as well as wireless 4G/5G solutions.


The DNA DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Protection service provides internet traffic monitoring and reporting services as well as attack detection and mitigation services. DNA's backbone network implements the mitigation of denial-of-service attacks.

Internet Access

Wholesale Internet Access is suitable for both the implementation of office network internet connections in Finland and abroad, and for large data centers.


Simplified, easy to setup and cost-effective internet product.

IP Transit

Wholesale IP Transit is a high capacity and reliable Internet access service for operators and service providers. The service operates in DNA's backbone network which offers fast and resilient connections all over the world.

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