DNA Netti basic speed 25 Mbps is included in your rent.

DNA Netti basic speed

The basic speed of free DNA Netti internet access is 25 Mbps.

To activate DNA Netti for your home, click here and enter your address. See detailed instructions here . You can also visit your nearest DNA Kauppa store or call DNA customer service at tel. 044 144 044. Service hours Mon–Fri 8-18.

You can also subscribe for a faster Internet access for VAV-occupants.

DNA Netti is so easy that you get it with the easy guarantee

We made the implementation of DNA Netti guaranteed easy and worry-free. You can easily use it yourself or, if you wish, you can let our Asennusmestari (DNA Installation Master) help.

Pricelist DNA Netti housing company broadband

Broadband Price    
DNA Netti basic speed 25 Mbps Free of charge
DNA Netti 50 Mbps 3,95 €/month
DNA Netti 100 Mbps 5,99 €/month
DNA Netti 200 Mbps 15,90 €/month
DNA Netti 400 Mbps 19,90 €/month
DNA Netti 600 Mbps 24,90 €/month
DNA Netti 1G (1000 Mbps) 34,90 €/month

Activation fee 6,90 €, basic speed 0 €.

Modems and Routers

If you want to share the connection between multiple devices, you will need a wireless (WLAN) modem. Device-specific installation and user guides, including default passwords, can be found in the modem’s box.

Broadband is available through an Ethernet cable (RJ-45), so you don’t need a modem. If you want to share your Internet connection with multiple devices, we recommend the DNA Valokuitu Plus -router EX400AC for Ethernet households.

In cable households you need a cable modem. We recommend the DNA Valokuitu Plus -modem.

The DNA Valokuitu Plus -router has powerful wireless network WiFi and proven reliability that make using the web easy and fast. Read more: (in Finnish)

If you need a modem, please visit your nearest DNA Kauppa store, see your nearest store: or call Customer service tel. 044 144 044. Mon-Fri 8-18, Sat 9-16.30


DNA cable TV channels

DNA cable TV brings you basic channels like YLE, MTV3, Nelonen and many other TV channels. Basic channels are available without a TV card. To access DNA TV services, you will need a cable compatible (Cable Ready HD or DVB-C) TV or set-top box or the DNA TV Hubi. Tune the TV (channel search). See your device’s user guide for instructions.

To learn more about TV services, read or visit your nearest DNA Kauppa store.

Wi-Fi call

With Wi-Fi call you can make and receive calls in places where otherwise there would be coverage. For example, basements and new low-energy houses are often challenging places to be heard. New energy-efficient windows also often impair reception at home. The service requires a telephone subscription and telephone that supports WiFi calls, as well as a wireless WiFi network. WiFi calls are always treated as calls made on DNA's network. Read more (in Finnish)