The basic speed of free DNA Netti internet access is 25 Mbps.

Basic speed for everyone

DNA supplies Internet and cable TV services to Sivakka residents in Oulu.

Your rent includes broadband with the basic speed of 25 Mbps. You can also order a higher extra speed at an affordable price.

Price list for extra speeds

    Subscription Price    
Housing company broadband basic speed of 25 Mbps Included in rent
Housing company broadband of 50 Mbps 4,90 €/kk
Housing company broadband of 100 Mbps 9,90 €/kk
Housing company broadband of 200 Mbps
(Ethernet and cable)
19,90 €/kk
Housing company broadband of 400 Mbps
(Ethernet and cable)
29,90 €/kk
Housing company broadband of 1 Gbps
(Ethernet and cable)
39,90 €/kk


These extra speeds can be ordered only by calling our customer service at 044 144 044.

Activate the basic speed of 25 Mbps

If you have recently moved to a Sivakka rental flat, you must register the basic broadband speed. The registration made by the previous resident is no longer valid for the new resident. Check what is available at your address.

If you do not have online banking codes and/or you need a terminal device, you can register at your nearest DNA Kauppa shop Kauppakatu 28, Kuopio or by calling our customer service number 044 144 044.


List of connection types in

Sivakka apartments

The products DNA Netti + Matkanetti and DNA Netti + TV Hubi are available for Ethernet and cable households.

DNA TV Hubi. An entertainment center for the whole family, at home and out of town

DNA Hubi and DNA TV application combines familiar TV, channel packages and streaming services with thousands of Android TV apps to the same service, as an entertainment center for the whole family. 

The DNA TV Hubi subscription includes the DNA TV Hubi service, DNA TV mobile application and Vuokraamo (video rental) 8 €/month. DNA Hubi-device 6 €/month for DNA Netti additional speed customers and DNA mobile phone customers. 

Record unlimited + 6,90 €/month. Save and watch programs when you do fits. Unlimited network recording from basic channels.


Matkanetti 4G

For extra bandwidth subscribers, Matkanetti at a housing company customer’s discount rate for a tablet or mobile modem.

Matkanetti 4G 10€/month/12 months, after which 15 €/month.

DNA Matkanetti 4G subscription speed is 100 Mbps.