DNA supplies Internet and cable TV services for all Niiralan Kulma homes.

DNA Netti

Niiralan Kulma homes you have access to DNA Netti with a basic speed of 25 Mbps free of charge.

Kiinteistö-KYS homes have also DNA Netti broadband with a basic speed 25 Mbps by 1.1.2022.

If you have not already registered and activated your DNA Netti internet access, activate service now and enter your address.

You can also visit your nearest DNA Kauppa store or call DNA customer service at tel. 044 144 044. Service hours Mon–Fri 8-18.

Increase your Internet speed

You can buy these these additional speeds from DNA customer service tel. 044 144 044. DNA charges the price of the extra speed directly to the resident.

Subscription Price
DNA Netti 50 Mbps 4,90 €/month
DNA Netti 100 Mbps 9,99 €/month
DNA Netti 200 Mbps 15,90 €/month
DNA Netti 400 Mbps 19,90 €/month
DNA Netti 600 Mbps 24,90 €/month
DNA Netti 1G (1000 Mbps) 34,90 €/month

Activation fee 6,90 €, basic speed 0 €.

The additional speed offer depends on the connection technology.


Modems and Routers

In Ethernet households the broadband is available through an Ethernet cable (RJ-45), so you don’t need a modem. If you want to share your Internet connection with multiple devices or use WiFi connetion, we recommend the DNA router for Ethernet households.

In cable households you need a cable modem. We recommend the DNA modem.

If you want, you can also use another cable modem. See the instructions in the packaging of your device and here: (in Finnish)

In VDSL households you need a VDSL modem. We recommend the DNA modem for DSL households.

All DNA modems have powerful wireless network WiFi and proven reliability that makes using the web easy and fast. 

Read more: (in Finnish)



DNA Cable TV services

The DNA cable television network gives you access to basic channels, such as YLE channels, MTV3, Nelonen and many more. Basic channels are available for viewing without a TV card. With TV card you get to watch FOX HD and National Geographic HD, as well as a Kuukauden kanava (channel of the month).

To access DNA TV services, simply do as follows:

1. You will need a cablecompatible (Cable Ready HD or DVB-C) TV or set-top box or the DNA TV Hubi.
2. Perform a channel search, in other words tune the TV, set-top box or TV Hubi. See your device’s user guide for instructions.
To learn more about broadband and TV services, visit or visit your nearest DNA Kauppa store.

DNA TV Hubi. An entertainment center for the whole family, at home and out of town

DNA Hubi and DNA TV application combines familiar TV, channel packages and streaming services with thousands of Android TV apps to the same service, as an entertainment center for the whole family. 

The DNA TV Hubi subscription includes the DNA TV Hubi service, DNA TV mobile application and Vuokraamo (video rental) 8 €/month. DNA Hubi-device 6 €/month for DNA Netti additional speed customers and DNA mobile phone customers. 

Record unlimited + 6,90 €/month. Save and watch programs when you do fits. Unlimited network recording from basic channels.


Matkanetti 4G

For extra bandwidth subscribers, Matkanetti at a housing company customer’s discount rate for a tablet or mobile modem.

Matkanetti 4G 10€/month/12 months, after which 15 €/month.

DNA Matkanetti 4G subscription speed is 100 Mbps.