Corporate Governance Statement

Corporate Governance Statement

DNA Ltd ("DNA" or "company") is a Finnish limited company. Parent company DNA Ltd and its subsidiaries form the DNA Group. The company is domiciled in Helsinki, Finland.

The obligations and responsibilities of DNA's governing bodies are determined by Finnish legislation. In decision-making, DNA adheres to the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and the Articles of Association.

DNA follows the Finnish Corporate Governance Code issued by the Securities Market Association, except for Recommendation 51 on the company's insider administration. DNA complies with the Guidelines for Insiders issued by the Helsinki Stock Exchange, except for maintaining a public insider register, because the company has not issued any stock-exchange listed instruments. The Finnish Corporate Governance Code is available online at

DNA's governing bodies comprise the General Meeting, the Board of Directors and the CEO. The Executive Team assists the CEO in the management of the Group.

In accordance with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code, DNA publishes a Corporate Governance Statement annually.

Corporate Governance Statement 2012 (pdf)

Corporate Governance Statement 2013 (pdf)

Corporate Governance Statement 2014 (pdf)

Corporate Governance Statement 2015 (pdf)