Consumer business

DNA provides broadband and data security services in the mobile and fixed network. DNA's TV services comprise products from subscriptions to channel packages, including a large selection of HDTV channels in the cable and terrestrial network. DNA's mobile and fixed phone subscriptions are complemented by a wide range of devices.

Consumers use their new, efficient smartphones and tablets to access high-speed mobile communication networks with fixed-price mobile broadband. Smartphone owners are enthusiastic about the internet. Up to 40 per cent of them use their smartphones to access the internet daily, spending more than 15 minutes online. Smartphones are increasingly used for capturing photos, gaming and navigation. As Finland's leading TV operator and an advanced mobile operator, it is natural for DNA to expand our operations into offering television services also via mobile devices.

Around 600,000 households are connected to DNA's cable network. With over 170 channels, DNA's content offering is extensive, and it also contains the highest number of HDTV channels.  New high-definition content is added constantly, and the capacity and efficiency of DNA's cable network enable it to offer broadcasts in next-generation 4K high definition in the future.

DNA's terrestrial network includes close to 20 channels, nine of which offer high-definition broadcasts. The network covers approximately 85 per cent of Finnish households. DNA is the only operator offering high-definition content in the terrestrial network.

A growing number of housing companies provide their residents with fixed-line broadband services. Housing company broadband connection is a service that provides broadband to all apartments in the housing estate. The monthly service fee is included in the management charge.

DNA's mobile broadband and pay-TV have the most satisfied customers in Finland

According to the 2014 EPSI Rating study, DNA Welho has the most satisfied consumer customers in the fixed-network broadband and the pay-TV market. DNA Welho has placed first in pay-TV services also in 2012 and 2013. TDC, which forms part of DNA's corporate business, retained the lead it has held for many years in fixed-network data services. DNA's business segment also received top marks among mobile voice and broadband customers, for the second consecutive year for the latter.