Auditing of the accounts

Auditing of the Accounts

Under the Articles of Association, DNA has one auditor, nominated by the Annual General Meeting. The auditor must be a public accountant authorised by the Central Chamber of Commerce.

The auditor presents the company's shareholders with an auditors' report, as part of the financial statements in compliance with the legislation in force. The auditor reports regularly to the Board of Directors.

Auditing of the Accounts in 2014

The AGM elected PricewaterhouseCoopers as the company's auditor in March 2014, with Authorised Public Accountant Johan Kronberg as the principal auditor. In 2014, the auditors' audit fees came to EUR 256,689.67 (EUR 254,183.37 in 2013) and other fees to EUR 198,226.54 (EUR 1,217,624.14 in 2013).