Wholesale Network Capacity

Wholesale Network Capacity Services (NCS) are the basis for all operator level backbone and other low latency access solutions to extend your own backbone network presence within Finland and on and between Nordic + Europen regions.

The service is also good for cases where your clients need data transport of business critical data, for example banks, hospitals and data centers. DNA NCS transmission services are based on SDH or DWDM technologies, and local access lines are delivered over copper or fiber connections.

DNA provides high class high speed backbone accesses within Finland and between Russia, Baltics and Nordics/European regions with minimum delays with service bandwidths from 2 Mbit/s (SDH) up to 100 Gbit/s (DWDM).

With Wholesale NCS service you can provide your own customers backbone level transmission circuits as point-point connections between 2 addresses, or you can establish a comprehensive network solution where traffic is distributed to multiple addresses.

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