Industrial Internet or "Internet of Things" refers to connectivity of the different machines and devices to an existing network. By connecting the devices to the network, you are able to control them remotely. Furthermore, the data that is produced by a machine or a device can be analysed in real time. Based on that information you can predict for example maintenance time of a specific device or machine. The data stream that is coming from various sources can be processed to easily readable form. These indicators and status reports can also be used to measure company’s business.

DNA Industrial Internet concept consists of DNA's network services from which customers can choose the appropriate components to support their business. Most typically, it contains for example:

• M2M subscriptions
• Company-specific Access Point Name (APN)
• Corporate Network
• Server/Servers

In addition to the network services DNA Plc. is able to provide data analysis services via partners. The data that is transmitted via DNA M2M subscription can be analysed and presented in an easily readable form. Based on that information, it is possible to execute business decisions effectively. DNA is planning the content of the analytics together with the customer and submitting a bid to the customer with a partner.

DNA Services for Industrial Internet

M2M subscriptions:
M2M Corporate subscription

Access and networking services:
DNA Corporate Network

Company-specific Access Point Name (APN):
DNA Yrityskaista

Hosting services:
DNA Server
DNA Server room