Comprehensive services from workstation back-up to server capacity services

We offer comprehensive services from workstation back-up to server capacity services. Our data centre services offer customers easily deployable, flexible server environments for utilising high-availability storage solutions, system resources and usage services without investments in hardware premises, systems or expertise. The services are built on solutions that are offered to customers virtually from DNA's professional data centres, which are monitored and maintained by certified experts. The solutions scale optimally in accordance with the customer's needs. Our data centres are located in Finland.

Our principle is to provide solutions according to the needs of the company as a turn-key solution. If the company's operations change, centrally managed services scale seamlessly, enabling optimal network capacity and service customisation. As a provider of comprehensive data communications, information security and monitoring services, we can implement an entire customer network as a managed, end-to-end solution.

Data centre services:
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