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Social communication solutions include office communications and exchange services as well as teamwork services and smart devices. Using these services you can build a new ways of working that supports collaboration and teamwork within your company. 

Social communication means that various social communications solutions have been introduced alongside the traditional corporate-specific communications solutions as the importance of social media channels is increasing in the workplace. In practice this means that the company makes use of an environment that consists of its own services and cloud services, to which the most appropriate interfaces and services can be linked. Effective teamwork boost business efficiency.
With social communications solutions you can improve electronic communications and time management in your business. Using teamwork tools, you can share documents and use videoconferencing regardless of time and place.

Exchange services:
DNA Mobile Switchboard
DNA Customer care solution
DNA  Attendant service

Office communication services:
DNA Email and Collaboration Google
DNA Email and Collaboration Microsoft

Meeting services:
DNA Telephone Conference
DNA Video-conference
DNA Dedicated Video Client
DNA Webmeeting

Device services:
DNA Device Solution

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