IoT Ecosystem

DNA is a part of an IoT Alliance gathered by Solita. The Alliance is a modular platform economy service model that is unique in both Finland and Europe.

Solita IoT Alliance provides ready-to-use network solutions and partners that will help you get your IoT projects off to a quick start. Its aim is to transform the existing business environment into a cohesive and smooth-running IoT.

DNA’s contribution is fast and reliable access to sensor data throughout Finland and, supported by the IoT World Alliance, also globally. DNA is the only Finnish telecommunications operator in the IoT World Alliance.

In addition to seamless connections, Cisco Jasper’s connectivity management interface (the DNA Control Center) is an important element of the modular service solutions.


Solita IoT Alliance service solutions

The IoT Alliance is a unique service model that encompasses services and solutions for testing, data observation and collection, analytics, harnessing artificial intelligence, visualisation, and cloud solutions.

The IoT Alliance’s service modules provide well-thought-out solution models to meet your business requirements:

Proactive maintenance

Monitoring usage rates

Remote control

Data collection

Advanced authentication

“Millions of new smart devices will be connected to networks in Finland over the coming years. DNA’s IoT services are already using 5G-ready elements, that is, we’re already able to offer many future services now. We want to help provide Finnish companies with a completely new kind of IoT service model that will accelerate the adoption of new technology and thereby business success. We value Solita’s broad-ranging expertise in many different IoT fields.”

- Esa Kinnunen, Connectivity IoT Sales Director