EU roaming

EU roaming Prices and Fair Use Policy in DNA corporate subscriptions

The pricing mechanism and fair use policy described below is applied to EU/EEA roaming services offered for DNA’s corporate subscriptions starting 15.6.2017.

All mobile service usage in the EU/EEA area shall be billed with (at least) the domestic tariffs. Domestic tariff is the subscription-specific unit price for calls, text messages and data transfer applied for mobile usage in Finland. Based on the service usage and traveling volumes, either the EU baseline fee or EU surcharge may be applied on top of the domestic tariff.

Additional information about roaming charges within the EU and the fair use policy applied to DNA Corporate Products (.pdf)

Preferred networks and available services in the EU area

DNA’s preferred roaming networks and the available services in EU/EEA area are subject to change from time to time. Current status is listed in the table below on per country basis. DNA customers’ mobile phones should select the preferred network automatically. In problem cases and at the edge of the coverage areas, one might need to select the preferred network manually in the phone.