DNA's fast 4G network

Efficient businesses require fast networks with practically unlimited reach – businesses do not have time to wait. Businesses must also be able to trust that the network is secure when they transfer data electronically.

Our customers are highly satisfied.

What is 4G?

4G is the common name for the fourth generation of mobile phone technology. In Finland, the 4G name is used to describe two technologies: LTE and DC-HSPA. DNA's 4G network uses both.

4G vs 3G

4G offers the high speeds that are necessary for moving large files or browsing without delays and interruptions. The connection is so fast that it can be shared by several users.

Network speed is important to businesses because numerous services are used online. In many areas that only have access to the DSL network, 4G can offer the same speeds on a fixed line.

4G-compatible devices

Most devices that use the 3G network can transfer data at up to 21Mbps. The LTE and 3G Dual Carrier networks offer higher speeds but devices need to be designed to use these networks.

The newest 4G dongles, tablets and smartphones support both technologies, so they will always use the fastest network available.